24-Hour Guide to Being Hot & Fit!

Want to have more energy, feel happier and build a tighter firmer body?  Look no further. Here’s your 24-hour guide to being hot and fit!

This is a condensed 24-hour guide of exactly what you need to do everyday to build a curvy lean body and feel like a super hottie 24/7!

Consider this your how to have more energy, feel sexier, be leaner, cheat sheet.  It’s simple, quick and incredibly effective.  Give it a read, print it out, put it on your fridge, bathroom mirror or wherever you need a little reminder, then follow it day in and day out for jaw-dropping, hot and fit results.

Hot and Fit Morning Rituals…

Don’t Hit Snooze

I know its super tempting to squeeze in just a little more sleep, and I’m definitely guilty of this pleasure but kick-starting your day a little earlier can make you way more productive.

It’s a new day; you should feel well rested from your beauty sleep and excited to get your day started.   If you’re constantly hitting snooze this could be an indication that you’re just not getting enough sleep.  Of course it could also be an indication that you’re completely unmotivated by the thought of going to work.  But will talk about that another time!

Don’t rollout of bed with just enough time to throw on clothes, grab anything that passes as edible in your fridge and run out the door. Aim to get up at least 1.5 to 2 hours before you go to work, plenty of time to shower, dress like you give AF, put on some make-up and eat something healthy and delicious.


Coffee is a necessity for most of us but so is water.  You’ve probably spent the better part of 8 hours without water while asleep, so now’s the time to hydrate.  Drink a few glasses of water upon rising.  Add a squeeze of lemon or drink infused water if you’re really planning ahead.  Water is critical to most functions in the body, it hydrates our cells, keeps the skin looking full and fresh, keeps the metabolism regulated and helps detoxify the body.  Be sure to drink at least 3 to 4 litres of water everyday. And even more if you workout!

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Eating a high protein breakfast within the first 30 minutes of rising has been shown to help reduce feelings of hunger later in the day versus those who skip breakfast.  It breaks the fast that occurred during sleep and helps kick-start the metabolism.   Need a quick solution, try overnight oats or a protein smoothie.  Mix one scoop of your favourite protein powder with a scoop of oats, 1/3 cup of almond milk, 1/4 cup of berries and a spoonful of your favourite nuts or nut butter.  Let sit overnight or blend it up with a bit more liquid and some ice, for a quick, thick smoothie.  Need more healthy breakfast ideas?  Go here.


Although you can get many of the vitamins and minerals you need from the food you eat, there is no harm in dosing up on phyto-nutrients with the help of an antioxidant blend of natural fruit and veggie powder.  Antioxidants can help reduce the aging process!  These powders can be added to your morning smoothie, yogurt bowl or even in an oat pudding.  They will increase your antioxidant load, which in turn will help you recover faster from your workouts, help boost your immune powers and help protect the body from aging.  How fabulous!

Have a Shot of Coffee

Contrary to popular belief coffee is miracle juice.  It gives you a boost of energy, is full of antioxidants, can increase your focus, increase your metabolism, make you stronger, more powerful and faster – basically makes you wonder woman.  A few shots of strong brew espresso daily never hurt anyone, just don’t over do it.   Have it with unsweetened coconut almond milk first thing in the morning or as a midday or pre-workout booster!  Need a few more reasons to drink coffee find them here.

Hot and Fit at Work…

Eat High Protein  Lunch

A busy workday filled with meetings, emails and deadlines can make you forget about your priorities.  Don’t let your day overtake your goals.  Plan accordingly.  Schedule your meetings around your lunch.   You may think it’s ok to eat later, but later usually never comes. Make sure to take a break not just to eat but also for your brain!

Eating at regularly intervals keeps blood sugar levels balanced, avoiding the dreaded hangry mood! But it also, keeps your amino levels in your muscles from falling, ensuring your body doesn’t eat away at those hard-earned curvy muscles.

Solution – have a high protein, low to moderate carb lunch.   Eat a power bowl.  Include greens, some fiber rich grains like quinoa or bulgur, pick a protein like grilled chicken or veg it out with some chickpeas or beans and add some good fats like a drop of guac!

Walk Off  Some Calories

Don’t sit on your ass all day in-front of your screen.  Get up and move, get out of the office, get your blood pumping, and burn some calories. Sitting all day in front of a screen is bad for your health.  Stretch, move and socialize.  Go for a walk outside, or try walking the stairs if you’re really feeling energetic.  Try your best to avoid social media while you eat your lunch, try having a conversation with someone.

Snack Healthy

If you’ve managed to eat healthy up until now, don’t throw it all away by eating a sugary snack when you hit the afternoon wall.  Reach for a high fiber treat like an apple, a handful of raw nuts, or veggie sticks and hummus.  A protein smoothie  is also a good option, or a natural protein bar made with nuts, whey or vegan protein powder, dates and dried fruit.

Another good option is a collagen smoothie or collagen protein bar.  Collagen has been shown to help increase the production of collagen in the skin, keeping it soft, supple and wrinkle-free!  Chocolate is not completely off limits either, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy a square of dark chocolate, just make sure its about 70% or more cocoa.  Dark chocolate contains a mood boosting phyto-nutrients and caffeine for a nice afternoon pick-me-up!

Hot and Fit Nighttime Wind Down …

Workout Bitch

Unless you have a physically active job there really is no excuse for not including fitness in your daily life.  You just spent the better part of the day not burning calories, now’s the time to head to the gym.

Lift weights for a strong, toned body. Lifting iron can also stimulate metabolism and keep your bones strong.  Cardio it out with a class, find something to hit or take up a martial art.  Not only will you learn how to defend yourself, but also the meaning of dedication and discipline.

In addition to the amazing body building benefits from training, working out is also fantastic for stress relief.  Allowing your mind to focus on something else, other than life problems.  Whatever you decide to do, have a goal, stick to it and keep grinding toward it.  Aim to get your sweat on a minimum of 4 to 5 times per week if you want to see any results.

Eat Post-Workout  

Don’t let all that hard work go to waste.  Be sure to have a post-workout meal that contributes to your recovery. Protein needs to be at centre of this meal. It’s the key building block for your muscle.  Your daily intake of protein should be at least 0.8 g to 1.0 g per pound of body weight.  Choose a protein like chicken, beef or fish, which all contain the essential aminos you need to stimulate protein synthesis – muscle growth!  Post workout your muscles can be depleted of the essentials, if you don’t give those muscles what they need muscle recovery will never occur.

The second most needed nutrient  – yummy carbs.  Carbs are our primary energy driver and are stored in muscle for access during workouts, or pretty much anytime we do any kind of physical activity.  Topping up on your carbs post-workout can also help stimulate lean muscle development and ensure you get enough energy for your next workout.  Choose root veggies like roasted beets, sweet potatoes, or squashes, alongside plenty of green veggies.  Try a carb cycling diet to keep your carbs low and your metabolism up-regulated!

Have Sexy Time

Go for it.  Everyone needs sex, were programmed for it!  Sex releases feel good endorphins; can help us feel more relaxed, more balanced, happy and less stressed. Sex stimulates oxytocin, which makes you feel all soft and fuzzy inside. Don’t believe me, abstain from sex and watch yourself turn into a miserable, nasty bitch! If you got a partner – enjoy!

Disconnect and Meditate

Mediate on life.  Let all the bad shit go, don’t hold onto anything that doesn’t serve you or add to your life enjoyment including bills to pay, fuck boys, that co-worker you hate or those last five pounds you can’t seem to ever lose!  It has been shown that those who spend even just a few minutes meditating are generally calmer and have less circulating cortisol – the stress hormone circulating in their body. What’s so bad about cortisol? This hormone when elevated can increase sugar cravings, eat away at your lean muscles and disrupt sleep.

Take Nighttime Nutrients

Topping up on a few vitamins and minerals at the end of the day will help with your recovery process, and can even improve your sleep.  Now is a good time to take a dose of vitamin C, magnesium, zinc and glutamine. Vitamin C can help with recovery and anti-aging, magnesium and zinc can assist in stress reduction and hormonal balance, while glutamine can also assist in muscle recovery.  Take 1000 mg vitamin C, 400 mg magnesium, 11 mg of zinc and 5 g of glutamine.  For sleep assistance, try melatonin.  Melatonin can help with relaxation and has been shown to help stimulate the release of growth hormone – important in recovery, and also rejuvenation.  Take 3 to 5 mg.

Get Your Beauty Sleep 

This is important!  Sleep is critical for recovery.  Those who get at least 8 hours of restful sleep each night will get better results when it comes to building a lean body and burning fat.  It has been shown that those who sleep less than 8 hours a night have a harder time recovering and losing weight.  Need some help sleeping?  Although meditation can help, so can putting down the devices.  The light emitted from a screen on a phone or laptop can decrease sleep!  Grab a book instead, or try journaling the thoughts of the day.  Start to wind down at least 30 minutes before you need to fall asleep.

Until Next Time,

Be Fierce & Rule the World,

Lauren Jacobsen

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