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7 Diet Travel Tips

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  • September 01, 2013
Diet Travel Tips
(Last Updated On: February 22, 2020)

When I travel I take my diet habits with me.  Need a few diet travel tips to help stay on track?  This past week, I travelled to one of my favourite cities of all time, Sin City, Las Vegas with my PIC – ‘partner in crime’ the Cherry Bomb!  Now, despite what you might think, this crazy girl wasn’t there to just to get my party on. I did manage to get some work in, and also a few workouts too.

Yes, I was in the ultimate party city, enjoying the sun, the clubs…and the amazing DJ sounds of Mr Markus Schulz… ok and the casinos, but I still managed to bring my healthy fit lifestyle with me and my bad ass work ethic too!

Eating healthy and staying fit and on a diet, while traveling might seem like a big task— especially if you are not accustomed to routine or have not been following a diet or workout plan for too long. But avoiding the terrible and unhealthy food choices at the Las Vegas airport, like Carl Jr’s, the incredible buffet eats along the strip or munching on late night eats like the 24 hour Peppermill diner is possible if you come prepared.  And that’s just what I did!

Whether it is a short business trip or a one-week beach vacation, you should always take the same approach to your diet and your workout. Remember— eating healthy is a lifestyle, not something you just do when you are at home! Here are seven diet travel tips this fit diva uses to keep me on a  diet, and stay sexy, strong and fit while travelling!

Diet Travel Tip #1: Stick to Your Usual Meal Timing

The best way to make your diet stick is to eat at the same times that you would any other day of the week – within reason. If you know you are jumping on a plane at 6:00 p.m. and this is the usual time you eat your fourth meal of the day, then simply eat just prior to your departure. It is far better to eat a meal a little sooner or later than to entirely miss a meal. Missing meals can result in low blood sugar levels, energy crashes, and potentially eating anything and everything in sight to make up for that missed meal! While in Vegas, I got up every morning and ate a healthy breakfast to kick-start the day off right!  Rent a suite, with a full kitchen, so every morning you too can make oatmeal, egg whites, coffee and have even get your quota of vitamin c with some fresh fruit!

Diet Travel Tip #2: Be Prepared with Your Own Flight Plan

When travelling, it is important to bring simple diet items with you so that you are prepared no matter if there is a delay or layover. Have protein powder like ISO-SMOOTH by Blue Star,  protein bars, nuts, dried fruit, packets of oatmeal, veggie sticks or even small cans of tuna ready to go. This will ensure you have good diet options available to you while you are waiting to get to your destination. The more prepared you are, the better chance of sticking to your diet.  Now a flight to Vegas is only 4 hours for me, so for my early morning flight, the c-bomb and I stopped at the Starbuck’s grabbed a sugar-free vanilla americano, a cup of oatmeal, and a small bag of almonds for the ride.

Diet Travel Tip #3: Jet Lag Eating

With jet lag usually comes sleeplessness, and when we lose sleep our body tends to increase levels of cortisol, the catabolic stress hormone that eats muscle and halts fat burning. What’s worse, lack of sleep can cause us to have an insatiable appetite for sugary carbs to increase energy levels. Our bodies have a harder time processing carbs, and as a result more is stored instead of being burned off. Be sure to get your sleep while on vacation, I caught up on sleep during the day by the pool, which reminds me – don’t do that without sunscreen like me…luckily I travel with my very own personal spray tanning expert, who fixed those bad tan lines!  I even stayed in one night…yep sleeping beauty in her full make-up, lashes and sexy dress!  But it was well worth it, not only did I have energy to workout the next day, but I also felt 100 times more refreshed!

Diet Travel Tip #4: Avoid Late Night Room Service

It may be tempting, especially if you are staying in a place that offers 24-hour room service, or the fact that Vegas is pretty much open 24-hours, 7-days per week,  but it is important to not give in! If you are sitting in your room bored, go to the gym at the hotel or find one close by. And if that is not an option, go for a walk; do something to keep you active and your mind off of food. Every day, if I wasn’t in the gym, I went for a long walk along strip!  Now, I will admit that me and my gal pal did give in a few times, after a few long nights out at Hakkassan and Marquee to see and meet my favorite DJ of all time The Legend –  Markus Schulz!  Now, first off, realize that the more hours you are up the more calories you are burning, especially if dancing!  But it’s all in the choice, you can still get chicken, salads and veggies if you want them, since food is available 24 hours in sin city!  These choices are not only healthier, they will also result in less guilt in the morning, not to mention, you will look way sexier in your bikini come pool party time!

Diet Travel Tip #5: Remember, It’s A Lifestyle

Being out of a routine often causes people to fall off their diet plan, but if a simple thing like travel is throwing you off your diet, then how committed are you to your plan? No matter where you are, you need to make the right healthy choices and stick to your routine the best you can. That means eating right, making the right choices off of the menu, visiting a grocery store if necessary, and continuing with your workout plan.  Upon my arrival in Vegas, I headed straight for the Walgreens and Whole Foods to stock up on healthy snacks like greek yogurt, raw almonds, veggie sticks, fruit, ready-to-drink protein shakes and protein bars to keep me satisfied with healthy food options during the  day.

Diet Travel Tip #6: Vacation Planning

If you are planning a vacation and want to be sure you stick to some kind of diet plan, then you need to check out destination hot spots before you commit. Be sure they offer a variety of food options that will allow you to make the right food choices, even if it is an all-inclusive resort. Above all else, avoid the alcohol, which not only provides empty calories, but also causes your body to switch from fat burning to burning off the alcohol you are consuming!  Now if you do plan on having the occassional beverage, choose wisely!  Instead of sugary mix with that hard liquor stick to diet sodas or plain soda with a dash of lemon or lime!

Diet Travel Tip #7: Eating Out

More than likely you will at some point eat out while traveling.  I certainly did.  First off, consider where you are eating make a healthy restaurant choice, one that offers grilled chicken, or steak, salad, veggies, or that doesn’t mind changing up menu items.  And if you feel like indulging consider splitting an entree.  Some restaurants offer huge portions, often one is enough for two small ladies.  One night, I opted for a small 4 oz steak, and asparagus…yes grilled asparagus…how boring am I!  The point is, it’s all in the choice!  Make the right choices and you will keep your weight maintained during your trip away from home!

If you have any travel diet tips you would like to share, please post them in the comments below, and if you liked this post do me a favor and hit that ‘like’ button and share this article with your friends!  Until next time…

Be Fierce & Rule the World,


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