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summer beach bod

4 Fat Burning Diets for Your Summer Beach Bod

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With summer fast approaching, the time has come to cut calories and put some restrictions on that diet. Sure, you can simply clean it up, reduce those cheat meals, or cut back on your carbs but chances are if you’re not taking your diet as seriously as your workouts, your results will progress slower than you like. The right diet can make the difference between wanting to show off your beach body to covering it up with a towel, here are 4 fat burn diets for your summer bod!

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Lauren Kite Beach

11 Badass Habits to Kickstart Your Day

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The first part of the day can easily getaway from you if you roll out of bed every morning without a care in the world. Throw something on, eat the first thing you see, and just barely make it to work on time, still half in a daze. Make your day more productive, kickstart your day with these 11 badass habits. You may not want to incorporate all of them, but just a few will get you moving in the right direction!

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Lauren Jacobsen Sugar Detox

How to Sugar Detox Without Hating Your Life

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We all crave sugar! And why wouldn’t we? Sugar in all its forms can provide a nice satisfying physiological and biochemical effect – both on the brain and body. As a result we can feel energetic and happy when we eat it! Sugar cravings can be the result of many factors including our hormones, stress or emotional triggers and of course what we eat. A sugar detox can help get a hold of your sugar cravings, and also provide some much needed health benefits!

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15 Ways to Keep Your Heart Healthy

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Heart disease is a silent killer and the leading cause of death in women in the US, accounting for 1 in 4 deaths. Fortunately, there are many things we can do to keep our hearts and bodies functioning healthy and optimally from the inside out. Why not start now, it is after all Heart Health Month! Here are 15 ways to keep your heart functioning optimally!

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Magical Unicorn Powders that Make Your Life Better

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When it comes to your daily fitness and beauty routine, supplements should be a part. You might be skeptical about the power of supplements, but they’re are a few that can help increase your metabolism, reduce the aging process and assist in your workout recovery. Here are five magical unicorn powders that can make your life better!

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fat loss

17 Reasons You’re Still Fat

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Feel like you’re doing everything right when it comes to your fat loss efforts, but with little result? There are many reasons you could be failing when it comes to fat loss. Are you a stress eater? Drink away your calories at the beach bar on the weekend, or think ab crunches till you drop will make that fat melt away? Guess again! Here are 17 reasons you’re still fat and what you can do about it.

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Lauren Jacobsen

7 Reasons You Should Have Muscles – Even If You Like Being a Skinny B

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Many women still believe that being skinny, not muscular is more attractive to the opposite sex, and that lifting weights will make them appear too big, too powerful and ultimately not feminine. Really? Are there still women out there who want to be skinny bitches? There are like a million reasons why you should lift weights and want muscle, well not a million but here are seven you should consider.

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