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3 Butt Lift Exercises

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  • July 15, 2012
JLO Booty

Butt lift exercises are the main reason for my exceptional booty, and the body part that has gotten me mistaken for Ms JLO herself, and on more than one occassion!  Ok, I know what you are thinking, sure you do kind of look like Jennifer Lopez, and yes I have heard that line from many photographers, but when Italian tourist think you are Jennifer Lopez and watch you workout while being photographed, you begin to believe it!

It didn’t even seem to matter that my trainer said to them, over and over, no she is not JLO, she is Lauren Jacobsen!  They still wouldn’t believe him, so, it should come as no surprise that one of the questions I get asked over and over is, how did you build your butt!  Well I will let you in on a little secret, it’s partly genetic!  I can remember my aunt telling me my butt didn’t belong in our family, cause even at the age of 13, I had rounded glutes!  Regardless, even if you don’t have much to start with building a better bum is possible! Although you can’t change your structure, or the length of your muscles, you can add some density, tone and tighten that bum into the one you have always wanted.

There are many different exercises that can firm up your bottom, but in this blog, I am simply going to discuss the deadlift! The deadlift can be used to develop many muscles of the body including the lower back, the top part of the back of the leg – the hamstring and of course the glutes!  It can be incorporated into a variety of workouts dependent on your goals. The deadlift is a compound movement that engages the erector spinae or lower back, glutes, adductors, hamstrings and quadriceps. Plus, it also engages multiple other muscles for stability control.  I prefer to use it to develop my hamstrings, my butt, and more specifically that area smack between the glutes and hamstrings also known as the tie-in! There are a few variations of the deadlift that can be used to lift and build a curvy bottom.

Try out the following deadlifts by adding in 4 sets of  20 reps to your leg day training to build a better behind!  Hit the link button below each exercise description to see a short video on how to perform each exercise!

butt lift exercises

Butt Lifting Exercise #1: Stiff Leg Deadlifts

This form of deadlift targets the hamstrings, and secondarily targets the lower back, glutes and adductor muscles. This exercise can be performed using a loaded barbell or even dumbbells, and should begin with a few light sets, to help warm-up and stretch the muscles involved in the movement. To perform the exercise, keep the bar or dumbells over the top of the feet, close to the legs. Lift keeping the arms and knees straight, the movement should be continuous, without long pauses or bouncing at the bottom or top. Since this exercise requires some flexibility, range of motion will be dependent on the individual.

Dead Lifts with Barbell

Butt Lifting Exercise #2: Sumo Squats

The sumo squat focuses on the quads and recruits the glutes and adductors. This squat targets the muscle isometrically. To perform the exercise, point your feet and knees slightly outward. During the lift keep the hips low, shoulders and chest up, arms and back straight. Keep the bar or dumbbell close to the body during movement.

Butt Lifting Exercise #3: Romanian Deadlifts

This deadlift targets the glutes, but also incorporates the hamstrings and adductors. Exercise is performed by gripping the bar, slightly wider than shoulder width, than lower the bar to the top of feet, bending at the hips. Knees should be kept slightly bent during movement descent. At bottom of movement, back should be parallel to the floor. Lift bar back up, by extending at the hips and knees. At top of movement shoulders can be pulled back slightly.

Romanian Deadlifts

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