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3 Cardio Workouts

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  • October 05, 2013
(Last Updated On: January 29, 2020)

Cardio workouts are definitely not my favourite past time, but they can be fun when you’ve got the right music motivation and the right stimulant to keep you going!  The past couple of weeks I have been spending some time in the lab, not the exercise physiology lab, but the supplement lab. Back to my roots, the place where I started my career, a formulating fit diva biochemist developing supplements for the bodybuilding masses. Yep this bitch has some brains. Or as one of my past co-workers use to call me 4Bs!! Brains, Boobs, Booty and Beauty… It should have been 5Bs…add Biochemist to that list.

So what have I been working on? A new focus stimulating product formulation. And I have been trying out the raw ingredients on of course the logical choice myself.  After a dose of a unique stimulant, I headed to the gym for my cardio workout. And it ended up being the most intense, energetic and sweaty, leave nothing behind cardio workouts of my life!

Increased rate of fatigue check, enhanced endurance check, sweating like I’m in Singapore, South Beach or Dubai check, energy through the roof check, feel like Wonder Woman in those red boots double check!!  POW! Ok, the stimulant was no doubt effective, but the right cardiovascular exercise workout can have that kind of effect too!  Remember the stimulant only helps if you are putting in the effort.

Which got me thinking, which cardio workouts really dial up the intensity, leaving you drenched, sweaty, metabolic and burning calories like never before?!  Not to mention strip off that body fat, and help maintain your hard earned muscle ladies?  There really is no other alternative here – HIIT is the answer!

HIIT is short for High Intensity Interval Training, not to be confused with LISS – long ass slow sessions… I mean Low Intensity Steady State cardio.  Although both have a time and place, if you are ready to get serious results, now is the time to incorporate some HIIT into your routine!  Even if you have never performed a HIIT session!  Just adjust the intensity of the intervals to suit your level.  Here are five cardio workouts from my Sexy, Strong, Fit workout vault that will be sure to get you fired up, burning calories and leave you drenched! You can find all these cardio workouts for women and much more in my Sexy, Strong, Fit Workout Guide!

But, before you even attempt one of these cardio workouts, remember to bring water, a towel to wick away all the sweat and of course your noise cancelling headphones and iPhone loaded with some hard core trance beats!  I personally don’t even think about training without the amazing sound of the legend DJ Markus Schulz!

First, A Few Cardio Workout Rules!  

1) Vary up your cardio workouts between LISS and HIIT, perform at least 2 to 3 HIIT sessions per week and 1 to 2 sessions of LISS.

2) Just like your weight training workouts, try not to perfrom the same cardio session within a 24-hour period, give your body a break, keep it guessing and avoid cardio workout plateaus.

3) Use a heart rate monitor to ensure you are reaching the required maximum heart rates to perform the intervals correctly and tap into fat burning efficiently.

4) Use the equation 220 – your age to determine your maximum heart rate!  Heart rate shouldn’t go below 65% or above 90% of your maximum heart rate when performing intervals.

5) If you are not accustom to performing HIIT cardio, adjust the maximum heart rate, the speed, interval time to the appropriate level.

Shall we begin…

Cardio Workout #1: TREADMILL WORKOUT – 20 minutes

Warm-Up35% of your MHR5 minutes
Sprint90% of your MHR15 seconds
Jog65% of your MHR30 seconds, or until your MHR reaches 65%
Repeat Sprint/Jog intervals 15 times, then cool down with a 10 minute Run at 35% of your MHR


Cardio Workout #2: SPIN BIKE WORKOUT – 30 minutes

Warm-Up35% of your MHR5 minutes
Sprint85 to 90% of your MHR30 seconds
Cycle65% of your MHR3 minutes
Repeat Sprint/Cycle intervals 5 times, then cool down with a 5 minute Cycle at 35% of your MHR


Cardio Workout #3: ROWING WORKOUT – 40 minutes

Warm-Up35% of your MHR5 minutes
Fast Row85 – 90% of your MHR15 seconds
Row65% of your MHR30 seconds
Fast Row85 – 90% of your MHR30 seconds
Row65% of your MHR60 seconds
Fast Row75 – 80% of your MHR60 seconds
Row65% of your MHR3 minutes
Repeat entire cycle 5 times, then cool down with a 5 minute row at 35% of your MHR 

That’s it for now!  If you have any crazy cardio workouts you would like to share, please post them in the comments below, and be sure to hit that like button and share it with your friends! Until next time,

Be Fierce and Rule the World,


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