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6 Tips to Make You More Confident

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  • February 24, 2014
(Last Updated On: January 30, 2020)

After many years of corporate business in the supplement industry, consulting for various supplement companies, fitness modelling and competing under my belt, I am finally learning how to apply what I did everyday at work, behind the camera and on the stage on to the forefront of launching my own business.  Now, although anyone is capable of doing these things, those that are successful at it, are always confident!  And I’m not talking about being confident because they are successful, they are confident from the beginning!

The love of my life, once said to me… ‘ the power is in your hands, you control your destiny’, ‘you always have a choice and are capable of anything you want to achieve’.  He couldn’t be more right about that. What you put in – is what you get out! And what you put forward is even more important. Yes, I am a smart woman, educated, have done a lot in my life, from the well-heeled halls of corporate business to competing on the world’s stage, becoming a published writer to travelling solo around the world. But, regardless of how much I have achieved, if I never went out and showed the world what I was made of, what I stood for and why I was worth it, it would have gone unnoticed.

Whether you are on the stage presenting your hard body to a judging panel, or in front of a room full of suits presenting your business plan, you need to be confident in your abilities, command attention and own the floor, or stage for that matter!

I was once given advice by one of my best gay pals and former roomie – yes – I use to live with 3 gays and a dog, and yes I know it sounds like a tv show – that I should always put my best face forward, whether I am going to a coffee shop to sit on my laptop and type away, going to the gym or going out with my man! I’m not saying you have to get all dolled-up every time you step outside the house, but make sure you always present the confident image you want to portray out there in the forefront, particularly when you are attending a fitness event where you want people to take notice!

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If you act like a superstar, I guarantee you will be treated like one, it will transcend! I have been stopped in airport security lines and asked to show pictures of my hot bod, and I don’t mean by other travelers, by the security guards themselves. Walking into the gym once, I was told I looked like I just came from an autograph signing! Own it – whatever the image is that you want to put forward, believe it, believe in yourself and walk with it everyday! Not only will people notice, but it is a good indication of how you will present yourself whether on-stage, at an event, or behind the camera, after all you never know when a new opportunity will present itself.

This is an important and often overlooked part to competition prep.  A strong confident mind will not only translate into a more positive outlook, but it can also have an affect on your results too!  Dieting and training for a show is never easy, with the wrong attitude it will not only be a miserable 12 weeks of prep, but it will also translate into your prep! Being confident, happy and positive about the process, will get you better results in the long run!

So just how do you get super confident and get noticed? Easy – practice makes perfect! Have a clear understanding of the image you want to put forward and practice owning it!

Here are my six tips to look confident and get you noticed everyday…

Tip #1 – Chin Up, Girls Up

Always walk with your chin up, shoulders back and girls up – never slouch.  Think about all the Hollywood starlets, have you ever seen any one of them walk on a stage looking any different, probably not.  What’s more, when you walk slouched over, cross your arms, head down, shoulders rounded, you not only look unhappy and unapproachable, you more than likely don’t feel so happy either.  Try it for yourself, what happens when you stand tall and proud?  When you lift your head and shoulders, do you feel better?  I thought so!

Tip #2 – Smile More

Smile and enjoy life, a smile is inviting and even makes you feel good inside.  A smile goes a long way in life, it shows everyone around you that your happy, that life is good!  Even if you’re having a bad day, or going through a phase, do your best effort to smile, it will make you feel better, and will even attract more positive into your life.

Tip #3 – Dress to Impress

Dress with intention.  Dress to impress, never leave the house without looking your best, no you don’t have to put on a Channel Suit, but don’t wear clothes that don’t fit properly.  Ditch the gym clothes when you’re not in the gym and put on something that makes you feel sexy and confident!  Yes, I know working out and training for a fitness goal can result in many hours spent in the gym, and can lead to a closet full of every colour of spandex pant imaginable, but sometimes its just nice to dress up and feel like a stylish diva!  Treat yourself to an outfit, plan a night out with your best girlfriends or your man, put on your best, do your make-up and your hair.

Tip #4 – Consistency to Commit

Be consistent with your commitment to the person you want to show others! If you want to show that you’re a fiery diva of action, be that person – 24/7.  It will start to resonate to the people around you, and will help define the image that you want to be.  These days there’s a ton of competition out there, whether its on stage as a competitor, starting your own business, or even climbing the corporate ladder. To stand out from the rest you must show consistency, commitment and uniqueness.

Tip #5 – Confidence Breeds Confidence

Act like you are confident, even if you’re not confident in all your abilities at this moment, by acting the part you will eventually own it, as you become more confident in the image you put forward.  And as you condition not just your body but also your mind, you will no doubt find yourself not just reaching goals, winning shows, and getting promotions, but probably a whole lot more opportunities will start to come your way.

Tip #6 – Dress Classy, Not Trashy

Lastly, something most fitness girls seem to forget – understand the line between sexy and trashy, dressing sexy is perfectly fine, being overexposed is neither professional nor credible.  You will get much further in life if you rely more on your brain first and less on your body.

That’s all for today… but if you like this post do me a favor and hit that ‘like’ button below, share your own tips on how you exude confidence, and please share this post with your friends!  Until next time…

Be Fierce and Rule the World,



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