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4 Fat Loss Facts

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  • February 08, 2016
(Last Updated On: April 4, 2020)

Do you know the real fat loss facts about what it takes to get the body you want? I’ve been in the fitness industry a long time. I’ve seen it all. I’ve designed products, written countless articles on fitness, nutrition and dieting for the masses and coached many aspiring fitness and bikini competitors. Many times, I have new clients come to me with a problem. They’re unhappy with their progress. They have been underfeed, overfeed, they end up too skinny or too muscular.  Let me get to the point: since I began my fit journey, the world of fitness has exploded with many ‘coaches’ trying to cash in. From meathead trainers to below average trainers with little experience, offering fast results, even though many of them have never achieved the results you’re expecting. Many rely on other methods for results – so called ‘supplements’ and don’t understand how to structure a proper diet or workout program, or worse have no experience-training women!

As you can guess most don’t offer anything that is validated, functional, or specific for a woman’s unique needs.  In fact, most just plain suck. This is the problem when you go with ‘average’. I’m not saying there are no good trainers, but you need to start paying attention to who can guide you in the right direction and who cannot. Unless you know this to begin with, then its all too easy to become sucked into a less than credible trainers hands, even though you might feel their approach seems logical; you may even get a few results.  However, in time it will fail, you’ve probably found out because…

  • You stopped responding to the diet
  • Your metabolism slowed down
  • You stopped seeing results

Or worse, you didn’t get the results you were looking for!  After trying countless approaches for many years, successfully dialling my body in for shows, and for my clients, I’ve discovered these 4 fat loss facts about your diet and workout that are absolutely CRITICAL for you to understand right now as well:

 Fat Loss Fact #1: Women Should Never Train Like Bodybuilders

If you are training with a bodybuilder, chances are you’re using a program designed to look like one too.

Yes, you need to lift heavy, yes you need to perform compound movements to help you build muscle, but in no way do you need to use a plan to develop thick dense muscle – unless you want to!

Being fit, toned and tight like a bikini or fitness competitor means you are sleek, slender, firm, curvy and muscular, but not over muscled! To get this look you must include a combination of isolation moves, compound moves, athletic drills and even a good cardio routine to develop the ultimate sexy, strong and fit physique!  Keep your weight training movements to sets of 4 to 5 and your reps to 8 to 15.

fat loss facts

 Fat Loss Fact #2: Women Respond Differently to Carbs

Yes, we all need to eat carbs, but us ladies do not need to eat as much as men, what’s more we access our carbohydrate stores differently than men. In fact, we access fat preferentially over glycogen during workout sessions.  If you’re eating a high carbohydrate diet you will only allow your body to use carbs as fuel instead of accessing fat more easily. Continually eating a high carb diet you will end up storing them in fat instead of burning them off as fuel.

Be sure the diet you are following provides most of your carbs come from complex, fibrous sources like brown rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, quinoa, fruit and veggies to help sustain energy levels throughout the day.  A diet that contains about 20 to 30% carbs of your daily calorie intake is plenty to ensure you have energy during the day and for your workouts.

 Fat Loss Fact #3: Women Need to Perform Two Types of Cardio

Yep! If you want your conditioning to be spot on, you need to perform not one type of cardio, but two unique forms.

Slow and moderate cardio helps to burn off excess calories, while high intensity, fast interval cardio or HIIT helps to tap into fat burning quickly and efficiently.  When you use HIIT the body oxidizes fat as fuel.  And when you combine a low carb diet with HIIT that oxidation happens even quicker.

You have probably heard of these two-forms of cardio, but if you are not performing both, you will not be maximizing body fat losses or developing the well-conditioned tight and firm body you’re after.

Fat Loss Fact #4: Women Should Use a Program Designed for Them

Above all else, you need to be sure the program you are using is not a ‘cookie-cutter’ program designed for an average woman.

You’re not average! You need a program that is designed for you, and your goals!  Don’t be fooled by programs that are designed for a man and by a man, and by those who don’t understand what its like to be you, let alone the unique hormonal biochemistry that makes you a woman! Take it from an actual biochemist.  Find a workout that builds the body you want, curves, a tight booty, great shape that looks hot in your workout pants or that slim fitting black number!  Need help with a workout? Try this one —>

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