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6 Reasons You Should Enjoy a One-Nighter Without Feeling Guilty AF

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  • July 09, 2017
Lauren Jacobsen

Single women don’t have many options when it comes to sex-fulfillment without a full-time man in their life.   Most women feel guilt for giving into one night of string-free fiery passion, even if they need it. Why? Because we’re brainwashed into thinking that even single women shouldn’t have the same pleasures as single men – please.

Haven’t we progressed; women can take care of themselves, have high paying power positions, buy their own expensive shoes, drive their own fast cars and even take pleasure in one night of passionate sex with a hot man that they don’t want a relationship with or give AF about.

We don’t all have time for relationships or dating, and some of us don’t want one, having the occasional one night of fun, until something better comes along can certainly do the trick!

So how do you enjoy one night, without feeling guilty AF? Here are six reasons you may want to re-consider the one nighter…

  1. Make Memories for Great Day Dreams Later On…

Time is only in the here and now – this moment will pass. So let go, get lost in those beautiful eyes, admire that sexy body in front of you, soak it all in, because sooner rather than later it will be gone. Sure maybe someone else will come along, maybe they’ll want the same thing as you, or maybe not.

Think of this as an opportunity to feel something, experience something new and to get to know someone you didn’t know before. There is no reason to feel guilty for anything. This moment will come and go, better to have enjoyed and felt something, then nothing at all.

Don’t worry about the walk of shame you’re gonna take tomorrow. Be confident in what you want and don’t have any expectations – if you can fully live in the moment and except that this fling isn’t going anywhere you’re good to go!

  1. Spark Some Serious Competition Between Your Bitches…

What better reason than to make your fellow group of bitches jealous, then by picking up a hot guy? The sex hormone – estradiol releases a competitive spark in women that can be triggered by competition between women. Winning a hot man in front of your surrounding bitches on a GNO can trigger aggression and testosterone release, which in turn can spark some serious passion between the sheets – just sayin.

Fact, women that naturally have higher levels of estradiol are not only more aggressive, they also tend to be more physically active, attractive and have hotter sex lives than your average Jane; they’re also highly competitive and have high power jobs too!

Competition can fuel your ego, trigger desire, and generally make you more app to apply that ego boost to the rest of your real life – boss bitch!

  1. Get A Feel Good Endorphin Release…

Ladies, this is something we all take for granted. Maybe because the sex you’re having hasn’t been that good. Great sex – as in orgasmic, can spark a rush of endorphins. Unfortunately many women, have never experienced a true orgasms – either because they’ve had lame partners, or never truly explored what works below the belt and what doesn’t.

Neurotransmitters release after orgasm. These neurotransmitters include serotonin – the happy hormone, dopamine – the pleasure hormone, and oxytocin – the pain numbing hormone, also referred to as the ‘love’ hormone. This release in turn triggers feel good endorphins to release that can put us on a love high!

Researchers showed that up to 30 different parts of the brain are activated when a woman orgasms lighting up a sensory explosion! So if you’ve been feeling a little down about yourself, although you may think sex is the last thing you need, it’s probably the best thing for you!

  1. Confidence Booster…

Feeling shitty about yourself? Just got out a relationship? There’s nothing like replacing the past with the present. Having a hot one-night stand can provide a great distraction from whatever is going on in your head and heart. Get out of your head and into your body. Research has even shown that casual relationships – also known as the rebound is a natural coping mechanism.

Feel good about the hot man that’s giving you attention. Ok, you already know what he wants, and you already know how it’s going to end, but does it matter? If you’re clear about the expectations of this experience, enjoy it! Nothing builds confidence more then being adored by a beautiful man, with a hot body.

It’s your choice that decides what you take from your experience. You can choose to feel guilty and shitty, or you can take the good things from what you did, and enjoy the ego boost that comes with it.

  1. Fulfill a Selfish Need…

If you’re just not ready for a relationship at this point – maybe you’re too busy, career focused, or been burned one too many times by fuckboys? Get over it – fulfill that need and give in. If you want it, do it. No one is saying you have to have one-night stands, but there’s certainly nothing wrong with enjoying a few extra spicy moments with a man you may never see again either, especially if you’re protecting yourself in the process.  In addition to your selfish need, remember it takes two. Maybe the man your with needs to feel the same, or has the same reasons for only wanting a hook-up as you.

  1. Burn Some Calories, Sexercise….

Sex isn’t like exercise; it is exercise. For one – it can release the same neurotransmitters that exercise does, not just the feel good ones but also the ones that burn fat including norepinephrine.

But let’s also not forget that your heart rate is accelerated, as evident by sweating! A recent study also proved it. On average men burn about 100 calories per 25 minutes, while women burn less – around 70 calories. Obviously the longer and more active your session, the more calories burned.

The level of intensity was compared to a run on the treadmill for 30 minutes, although the run burned double the calories, the sex was found to be more enjoyable for 95% of the women asked!

Be Fierce & Rule the World,


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