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Learn what diet and which foods you need to balance hormones, burn fat and sculpt sexy fit muscle and curves..


Too busy slaying all day to workout, discover short, easy workouts to build a bikini worthy body in no time…


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Who is Lauren?

If you want real advice that cuts through the clutter let Lauren’s 20 years of experience in the nutrition and fitness industry guide you. This blog delivers her uncensored truth bombs about what to eat, how to workout and hustle to get the body and life you really want..

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Lauren Jacobsen

Do Weight Loss Supplements Even Work?

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Feeling overwhelmed and confused by the sheer amount and abundance of weight loss supplement options? With that abundance comes plenty of misconceptions on their effectiveness and use. If you’re looking for the ‘magic bullet’, here are a few common weight loss myths, truth behind these misconceptions and even a few weight loss supplements you should consider using!

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protein bowl_2

How to Build A Protein Power Bowl

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Eating healthy doesn’t mean it needs to be boring or the same every day! What you eat should be colorful, inspired, fresh and nutritious. There are endless combinations of healthy meals— you just need to be creative and have some imagination. The ultimate protein power bowl will combine protein, carbs, fresh veggies and healthy fats. A macro mix of ingredients selected to your taste and liking! Use these easy steps to build your very own healthy protein power bowl to help meet your nutrition needs – fuel your muscles and maintain a healthy and sexy lean body!

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Lauren Jacobsen

Best Foods to Eat Before and After Your Workout

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When it comes to getting a fit and lean body, we all know working out is an important part, but what about what you eat? The food you eat before helps fuel workouts, while the food you eat after helps accelerate the recovery process. It’s no longer acceptable to just grab anything before or after your workout and hope for the best. There’s some supporting research that shows the benefits of proper nutrition and your workout results. Here are a few tips on the best workout foods you should eat before and after your workouts to stay energized, build lean muscle, lose weight, and speed up recovery!

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