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Learn what diet and which foods you need to balance hormones, burn fat and sculpt sexy fit muscle and curves..


Too busy slaying all day to workout, discover short, easy workouts to build a bikini worthy body in no time…


No BS – just real truth bombs to live by – max out your life happiness and get what you really want..

Who is Lauren?

If you want real advice that cuts through the clutter let Lauren’s 20 years of experience in the nutrition and fitness industry guide you. This blog delivers her uncensored truth bombs about what to eat, how to workout and hustle to get the body and life you really want..

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fat loss

17 Reasons You’re Still Fat

Posted by | Fat Burning | No Comments

Feel like you’re doing everything right when it comes to your fat loss efforts, but with little result? There are many reasons you could be failing when it comes to fat loss. Are you a stress eater? Drink away your calories at the beach bar on the weekend, or think ab crunches till you drop will make that fat melt away? Guess again! Here are 17 reasons you’re still fat and what you can do about it.

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Lauren Jacobsen

7 Reasons You Should Have Muscles – Even If You Like Being a Skinny B

Posted by | Workouts | No Comments

Many women still believe that being skinny, not muscular is more attractive to the opposite sex, and that lifting weights will make them appear too big, too powerful and ultimately not feminine. Really? Are there still women out there who want to be skinny bitches? There are like a million reasons why you should lift weights and want muscle, well not a million but here are seven you should consider.

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lauren jacobsen

24-Hour Guide to Being Hot & Fit

Posted by | Realness | No Comments

Want to have more energy, feel happier and build a tighter firmer body? Look no further. This is a condensed 24-hour guide of exactly what you need to do everyday to build a curvy lean body and feel like a super hottie 24/7! Consider this your how to have more energy, feel sexier, be leaner, cheat sheet. It’s simple, quick and incredibly effective.

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