Carb Cycle Diet Plus FREE Workout Guide


The Carb Cycle Diet is a 12-week diet guide designed to help you target body fat and build a lean muscular body.  The carb cycle diet uses a high protein, low carb diet with a cyclic approach to keep your metabolism and fat burning up-regulated for maximum fat loss, while also satisfying your need for those carby foods you love!



(Last Updated On: June 19, 2018)
  • 12-week how-to-guide with sample meal plans, grocery shopping list, kitchen kit essentials tool kit and food choice list to make life easier
  • A cyclic approach that allows you to still eat those carby foods you love
  • Top 25 Nutrition Tips to help get you started
  • How to meal plan while travelling and how to schedule and prepare your food in advance
  • And you can expect to experience weight loss, body fat loss, increased lean muscle, increased metabolism, increased energy and endurance, reduced hunger, improved mood, and balanced blood sugar levels

Plus FREE Bonuses:

  • 12-Week Workout Guide
  • 6-Week Bonus Diet and Workout Plan


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