12-Week Workout and Diet Plan


Work with me, as I guide you through 12-Week Workout and Diet Plan via online coaching. Get your very own customized Sexy, Strong and Fit 12-Week Workout and Diet Plan designed specifically for you. You will work hard and you will sweat!  If you are not challenging yourself you will not change your body composition, lose weight, burn fat or re-shape that body.

This 12-week Workout and Diet Plan is a complete solution for total fat loss and muscle development. With me as your nutrition coach let me be your personal resource for self-driven change as we examine your relationship with food and the life you lead.

Learn if what you are eating is helping or hindering your fitness goals!  This system will use a phased approach to weight loss, ensuring positive and progressive changes to your diet and your lifestyle.

We will maximize your energy levels through strategic nutrition and get you on the right track to your Sexy, Strong and Fit body!



(Last Updated On: July 2, 2020)
  • 12-WEEK workout plan including Weight Training, Cardio and Diva Drill component that progresses from a beginner level all the way to an advanced level to continually challenge your body and metabolism
  • Power packed workouts per week designed to fit into your schedule and build a sexy, lean and firm body
  • Progress and measurement tracking forms, along with tips and strategies to change and makeover your life
  • Goal Setting strategies and how to gain confidence every step of the way
  • Assessment of your current diet, 12-week meal plans, food substitution lists and grocery shopping guide
  • And you can expect to increase muscle, increase your metabolism, increase fat burning, increase your strength and improve your self confidence


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