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How to Sugar Detox Without Hating Your Life

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We all crave sugar! And why wouldn’t we? Sugar in all its forms can provide a nice satisfying physiological and biochemical effect – both on the brain and body. As a result we can feel energetic and happy when we eat it! Sugar cravings can be the result of many factors including our hormones, stress or emotional triggers and of course what we eat. A sugar detox can help get a hold of your sugar cravings, and also provide some much needed health benefits!

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How to Detox Your Life

13 Ways to Detox Your Life

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Feeling a little toxic lately? Too many late nights, bad food binges and skipping workouts. Days of excess can turn into weeks and if you’re not careful months of abuse on the body. The result – fatigue, weight gain, depressed mood and bad sleep. Get your life back on track with a full on detox for your body and your mind.

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How to Kill a Hangover While on Vaca

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When I think about vacationing, the first place that comes to my mind is Cabo San Lucas – yes Mexico. Mexico brings me found memories 1) the place I met my gangsta soulmate 2) palm trees, white sand beaches, crystal blue waters and gorgeous sunsets 3) electronic music 4) tequila, lots and lots of ice cold tequila 5) a bad ass place to lose your mind, get crazy AF and of course – killer hangovers!

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