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How to Stay Fit Over Forty

How to Stay Fit Over Forty: 8 Health Habits to Follow

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A woman’s body goes through changes in her forties – most if not all of these changes are related to one key factor – hormones. As the body changes they begin to affect the chemistry of the body. Our metabolism takes a hit, fat burning slows down; our perky boobs start to drop and our once tight skin begins to become saggy and dry! Staying fit at forty is vital to keeping fit for the long run.

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40 things

40 Things I’ve Learned in 40 Years

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As my 40th birthday approaches at lightening speed, I’ve found myself questioning – is 40 really the new 30? I’ve thought plenty about the time I turned 20 and 30. Now, here I am at 40, and I can honestly say my life is yet again completely different! Here are 40 things I’ve learned in 40 years.

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