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post lockdown diet

4 Tips for your Post Lockdown Diet

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The best diet to follow post lockdown is one that helps keep your immune system functioning at its optimal level. Just because the pandemic is over, doesn’t mean you should stop eating healthy. It’s also critical that the diet you follow helps keep your calories and cravings in check and can prevent you from overeating. Want to stay healthy and get rid of the quarantine 15, keep reading!

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How to Stay Fit Over Forty

How to Stay Fit Over Forty: 8 Health Habits to Follow

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A woman’s body goes through changes in her forties – most if not all of these changes are related to one key factor – hormones. As the body changes they begin to affect the chemistry of the body. Our metabolism takes a hit, fat burning slows down; our perky boobs start to drop and our once tight skin begins to become saggy and dry! Staying fit at forty is vital to keeping fit for the long run.

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lauren jacobsen

24-Hour Guide to Being Hot and Fit

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Want to have more energy, feel happier and build a tighter firmer body? Look no further. This is a condensed 24-hour guide of exactly what you need to do everyday to build a curvy lean body and feel like a super hottie 24/7! Consider this your how to have more energy, feel sexier, be leaner, cheat sheet. It’s simple, quick and incredibly effective.

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