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healthy keto meals

How to Build Healthy Keto Meals

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Traditional keto diets are centered on a diet that is made up of mostly fat – 75 to 80% of your calories; while 10 to 15% come from protein and the remaining 10 to 5% from carbs. This diet limits carbs so much, that it forces your body to use up any fat on the body as fuel in a process called ketosis. This diet is best used by those who have plenty of fat to burn off or for those who want to quickly shed a few pounds before beach season. If you’re not carrying a lot of extra fat to begin with, this diet is probably not for you! Consider using a modified keto diet, in this case! Follow it here!

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What the F is a Keto Diet Anyway

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A ketogenic diet is not a diet that automatically turns on fat burning, let me repeat, is NOT a diet that magically turns on your fat burning; actually that process is called lipolysis – literally the breakdown or oxidation of fat. Ketogenic diets trigger ketosis – when the body uses ketones instead of glycogen for energy. Find out if this diet is for you…

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